How to Effectively Get Rid of Beehives

Spotting a beehive on your property is often an unwelcome surprise. Unfortunately, it’s common for bees to migrate to new areas and set up new hives. If you want to remove the beehive, you’ll need to properly prepare beforehand. Here’s how you can effectively get rid of beehives.

Properly Prepare for Removal Beforehand

Before you can attempt to remove the beehive, preparations are necessary. Bees may be dangerous, especially in large numbers. You don’t want to risk the safety of yourself and others on the property by improperly trying to remove the hive. In order to prepare, there are a few simple checks you must complete.

Firstly, make sure you check whether anyone on the property, as well as yourself, is allergic to bees. Bee stings are painful, but aren’t a big issue unless you’re allergic. Those allergic to bees may face lift-threatening consequences should they get stung. Safety is always the most important factor to consider in these scenarios, so make sure anyone allergic to bees is away from the property during the removal process.

Secondly, make sure that you properly locate the beehive and note the general areas on the property where the bees swarm. You might notice that there is more than one hive on your property. Also, you’ll likely find that the bees swarm in a few select areas where there are large amounts of flowers. Knowing where the hives are located, as well as where the bees swarm, is essential to any beehive removal strategy.

Use a Soap or Vinegar Spray

Once you’re done preparing, it’s time to create a spray solution that will kill the bees and neutralize the beehives. Thankfully, bees die instantly when exposed to soap or vinegar, which is readily available on virtually all households. Making a potent solution of either soap or vinegar, and pouring it into a spray bottle, is all that you need to do.

You can get rid of beehives using the spray by heavily coating the hive with either soap or vinegar. The bees inside the hive will quickly die after being sprayed, with the bees outside of the hive at the time likely fleeing your property. The spray also works on bees outside of the hive, so freely spraying swarms that you spot throughout your property is also an effective tactic. A few days of consistent spraying should get rid of all of the bees on your property.

Hire a Bee Exterminator

If your bee infestation is more serious, you’ll have no choice but to hire a bee exterminator. When you want to get rid of beehives that are particularly large, a simple spray won’t be enough. Bee exterminators will have all of the equipment and tools necessary to completely remove beehives as well as bees from your property. These professionals can use tactics such as smoking, which engulfs hives in smoke to effectively kill all bees inside very quickly. The great thing about using a professional exterminator is they not only remove bees on your property, but they also prevent them from ever coming back.