How to Remove Bees Safely

Bees can present a threat to your family. They attack when they are agitated. Learning how to remove bees is easy. But, do not kill them because they are an important part of the ecosystem. They do their part for your garden and nature. Use natural ways to get rid of them. And wear protective clothing when removing them.

Here is how to remove bees.

Locate the Hive

Bees stay in a hive. The hive can be located in a tree, corners of the roods, siding, roof, etc. If the beehive is inside your home, do not rush to remove it. Why? Bees attack when they are disturbed. So, make sure your children and pets are not in the house when you are trying to remove the beehive.

Getting Rid of Bees in the Ground

Ground bees live in the ground. Use a chemical spray to get rid of ground bees. Ground bees are aggressive. Therefore, spray them at night. And wear protective gear when spraying them. Spray the entrance of the hive. If the bees do not move after a few days, spray the hive again.

Use Natural Bee Repellents

There are natural bee repellents that can help you get rid of bees. They are safe and effective. For instance, garlic powder is perfect for getting rid of bees. Sprinkle this powder near the beehive. Do not sprinkle it directly to the bees because it can kill them. Bees do not like garlic powder, so they will relocate.

Additionally, citronella candles are perfect for removing bees. They do not harm bees. Bees avoid the area containing the smell of these candles. Therefore, it forces the bees to relocate. Burn citronella candles near the beehive. Once the bees relocate, destroy the beehive.

Use cucumber peels to remove bees. The bees find the cucumber peels smell repulsive. So, they are not going to stay in an area that contains this smell. However, cucumber peels are not that effective because some bees might never leave the beehive.

Use Natural Pesticides

It is easy to make natural pesticides at home. Mix one teaspoon of canola oil or vinegar with a quart of water. Mix them in a spray bottle. Spray the bees with this mixture. The mixture makes it hard for the bees to fly. However, this spray can kill bees. Destroy the hive once you have eliminated all the bees.

Call a Beekeeper

Bees are important to the ecosystem. Do not use methods that harm or kill them. If there is a local beekeeper, call the beekeeper. Beekeepers keep the bees. So, they can give them a home. Additionally, they know how to remove bees safely. And they make sure the bees do not harm anyone in your home.

Plant Trees that Repel Bees

Some plants and flowers repel bees. For example, peppermint, citronella, eucalyptus, and Artemis are bee repellents trees. Plant these trees around your garden. Planting these trees reduce the number of bees in your garden. Also, bees will never want to live near your property.

You now know how to remove bees. Use these strategies to get rid of bees in your home. Wear protective gear when removing these bees.