What Kills Bees Instantly? Everything You Need to Know

Bees can severely impact the safety of your home, especially if you have small children. Getting rid of bees can be a little tricky if you haven’t dealt with these insects before. Thankfully, there’s plenty of options available to you when trying to rid your home of bees. If you’re wondering about what kills bees instantly, here’s everything you need to know.

Vinegar Solutions and Sprays

Interestingly, vinegar is a natural and effective way to get rid of bees in a quick and swift fashion. Bees cannot handle vinegar, causing them to die almost instantaneously after exposure. Simply mixing a solution of strong vinegar and water is all you have to do to get rid of small amounts of bees in your home. If you want to prevent bees from coming back, you might want to set up areas of your house with vinegar. The great thing about using vinegar is it’s very cheap and easily available for you to use.

Soft Drinks and Soda

Yet another cheap and simple way to kill bees quickly is to use soft drinks and soda. Bees are naturally attracted to sugars, as that’s how they find blossoming flowers. These insects cannot tell the difference between sweet flowers or sweet soda, meaning they will approach both. Simply setting up a trap that uses soda is an effective way to get rid of bees. The insects will follow the scent of sugar and end up drowning in the soda. Placing these soda traps around the home will get rid of a decent amount of bees.

Cinnamon and Mothballs

What kills bees instantly? Funnily enough, mothballs and cinnamon. Bees have bad reactions to these compounds, which cause them to flee any area where cinnamon and mothballs are abundant. Of course, you can use just mothballs or just cinnamon, but when the two are combined they are particularly potent. Most of the time, bees will flee your area for good rather than die from these ingredients. Essentially, you deal with both elimination and prevention by using mothballs and cinnamon.

Professional Beekeeper Tactics

Everything from cinnamon to soda is fantastic for small bee infestations. However, what kills bees instantly in a large infestation is the tactics of professional beekeepers. When bees are in large swarms, you won’t be able to remove all of them through simple soda traps. You might get a few, but there will be enough bees left that the infestation will continue. Thankfully, beekeepers and other bee professionals understand how to permanently kill and remove these insects.

Beekeepers may use a range of different potent sprays and chemical traps to kill off a huge amount of bees infesting your home. Afterward, they’ll likely use other chemicals for preventative purposes, ensuring that the bees never come back to your home again. Only professionals understand the delicate combination of chemicals and traps necessary to completely remove large amounts of bees from your home. If you’re dealing with a major bee infestation, it’s always best to get the help of professional beekeepers and bee removal services.