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Welcome to the Wild Atlantic Seagarden, a multivendor marketplace for Irish seaweed-based products. The beautiful, clean, nutrient rich waters of the Irish Atlantic coast provide the perfect conditions for a wide variety of very high quality seaweeds with amazing health benefits.

Clean, nutrient rich waters create high quality seaweed

It is really important that we ensure the long-term sustainable development of our environmental resources to safeguard the livelihoods of current communities and future generations. 

We are capturing culture...gathering knowledge from the old ways and stimulating conversation about the potential of seaweed through innovation, market research and knowledge exchange.

Education in marine resource management secures our economic future

We are running education programmes in marine resource management to create the long term skills and training necessary to ensure the sustainable development of seaweed. Adding value locally to seaweed resources that have been harvested in an environmentally sensitive way will create social and economic opportunities for communities which will help keep the Irish language and culture alive.

A wide variety of seaweeds grow off the Irish coast

There is still so much to learn about seaweed. Some great work has already been done in Ireland. We want to build on that work and start giving people the information they need to change their consumer behaviours. We want to create demand for Irish seaweed-based products to secure an economic future for us all.

Jenny Suddaby
Jenny Suddaby


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