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Champagne Truffles with Dillisk


There are several different explanations for why we have a mid-afternoon energy slump. Some experts believe our bodies are actually programmed to take an afternoon nap. Our cells are deeply connected to ancient rhythms established by the amazing planet we live on. It is thought that the first cells that evolved on Earth were damaged by UV light from the sun and they adapted by repairing themselves at night. Scientists now know much more about the evolution of our patterns of behaviour and they say those patterns are influenced by Circadian Rhythms. In the hypothalamus in the brain we have an internal clock that sends regulating signals through our bodies at different times of the day. For an excellent explanation of your Circadian Rhythms you can listen to 'In Our Time' with Melvyn Brag. Over a 24 hour period, our mood, alertness and energy levels tend to be at their lowest between 1-3pm.


'In Our Time' Circadian Rhythms


There are several things you can do to boost your energy levels in the afternoon. We are lucky enough to live by the sea and, as today is one of those extra rainy days where the sea is all grey, we thought we would use the inspiration of the sea to try to get you to #UseSeaweed and bring you an energy boosting treat for any afternoon slump in energy. Libby, who is working with us at the moment, had the amazing idea of a seaweed super-charged ‘Afternoon Sea’ to include Champagne Truffles with Dillisk and Strawberry Shortbread with Sugar Kelp.


Champagne Truffles with Dillisk


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 3 O’clock afternoon tea-time falls on the cusp of two key periods in our daily cycle:

1-3pm is the time of the Small Intestine which is supposed to be good for having new ideas...

3-5pm is the time of the Bladder…the perfect time to study or complete brain-challenging work and have a cup of tea.


Chinese Body Clock from


This is exactly the time, while we were having tea, that Libby came up with the even more amazing idea of Champagne with Dillisk in it. Like many brilliant inventions…it was an inspired moment that came about as a consequence of the juxtaposition of an unusual set of circumstances. Putting Dillisk in the Champagne was the natural thing to do when a bunch of seaweed fanatics are gathered around a champagne, chocolate and seaweed photoshoot!


Champagne with Dillisk


Just remember folks, when you are drinking Champagne with Dillisk in it at some posh afternoon tea in an exclusive hotel, you saw it on first. Unfortunately, most of us had to drive home so we settled for a cup of tea, leaving the champagne for the residents of the house. Thank you Libby :) Happy Birthday Ann xxx


Strawberry Shortbread with Sugar Kelp



Jenny Suddaby
Jenny Suddaby


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