Even cheaper to get the best Irish Seaweed

cheaper to buy best Irish seaweed


Even cheaper to get the best Irish seaweed

Here at Wild Atlantic Seagarden we are constantly trying to work out how we can get seaweed into people's lives from our shores on the edge of the Atlantic. We originally developed a system that enabled all vendors to ship from their own locations, literally from their own beaches in many cases. This was proving expensive for the customer at the checkout stage if they had ordered different items from different vendors, which is always what we are trying to encourage and a key component in getting people to try new seaweed products.

Now we are trying to developing a distribution network that supports vendors whilst also making delivery cheaper for customers. Any order will now be delivered by courier for €6.75 to anywhere in Ireland. Customers can choose multiple products from different vendors and have them all delivered at the same time for a single charge of €6.75. For deliveries to the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World we will still be using An Post, Ireland's national postal network, but we will continue to review the costs and work towards better and better ways of getting top quality Irish seaweed to your doorstep.

Jenny Suddaby
Jenny Suddaby


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