Seaweed: the simple weight-loss ingredient?

seaweed as part of a healthy diet


We're all aware of the many types of diet out there to help shed a few pounds. There's the Beverly Hills diet, Low-Fat diet & Palaeolithic diet to name but a few. Let's keep things simple and practical....




For a long time now scientists have been researching the benefits of seaweed for our diet. Research from the University of Aberdeen in 2013 revealed a vast number of health benefits of seaweed, including a number of weight-loss related benefits. Preliminary research has indicated a fibre called Alginate that helps limit the digestion and absorption of fat in the body, thus resulting in weight-loss. Seaweed is extremely low in sugar. It is a good dietary alternative to other forms of sugar and lower blood sugar levels can help prevent diabetes - a growing health concern in the 21st century.


thyroid gland


The thyroid gland plays an important role in the regulation of weight. If you suffer from an under-active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) the symptoms include fatigue, depression & weight gain. Including iodine-rich seaweeds (Nori, Wakame and Kombu) into your diet can help. If you have an over-active thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) you should limit your seaweed intake as excess Iodine could result in bloating, diarrhoea and vomiting. If you're unsure about the status of your thyroid gland, visit your GP to get a thyroid function test.


seaweed bread


Lifestyle choices are of key importance and we need to turn to a healthier balanced diet. We have started a #UseSeaweed campaign to help you find out how to add #seaweed into your diet. We have short videos on our Wild Atlantic Seagarden Youtube channel and Facebook Page  


cancer trends


Cancer rates are on the rise. Scientists in Japan are currently investigating Fucoidan, a seaweed molecule which may inhibit the growth of tumours. Scientists are also investigating the use of Fucoidan as a substitute to chemotherapy. Depending on their location, seaweeds can absorb toxins and heavy metals such as arsenic from the waters they grow in. Thankfully the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Ireland make Irish seaweed some of the safest in the World

As the old Irish phrase says:

"Bíonn súil le muir ach ní bhíonn súil le tír."

"There's hope from the ocean but none from the grave"

Reference: Jaspers, M. Prof and Folmer, F Dr (2013) Sea Vegetables for Health, University of Aberdeen: Food & Health Innovation Service.


woman gathering seaweed

Ann Ruddy
Ann Ruddy


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