Seaweed Cheese Swirls

seaweed cheese swirls

As part of our efforts to help you #UseSeaweed we have created some Christmas recipes for you to help you make the festive season healthy, happy and bright. Seaweed is very nutritious and can be used like any vegetable ingredient in food. You don’t need to cook special recipes to get the goodness of seaweed into your diet…you can simply add it to your favourite recipes. We have a range of dried seaweeds on our site and you can use whatever type of seaweed and cheese you like to make your own swirls. At the end of this blog you can download a free recipe card to take you through the process step-by-step. If you have any questions, successes or problems please tell us through the blog comments or mail us at


1 roll of puff pastry (home made or shop bought)

75g mature cheddar cheese

30g blue cheese

1 egg

sea spaghetti (or seaweed of your choice)

dried sea spaghette

For these Seaweed Swirls we used Sea Spaghetti. We started out with dried Sea Spaghetti. We cut the dry Sea Spaghetti into tiny pieces with some scissors and then soaked it, rather than having to cut it up when it was wet (if you prefer you can do this after it has been soaked). 

cutting up seaweed when dry

When using dry seaweed it is sometimes good to soak it in cold water to reconstitute it. This is not necessary if you are adding flakes but for some recipes where the seaweed will be noticed, the texture can be improved by re-hydrating the seaweed first. Soak the dried Sea Spaghetti in cold water and leave for 15-20 minutes.

soaked sea spaghetti

Lay the pastry out flat on tin foil or a clean work surface (or roll the pastry out to a large rectangle if you have made it yourself). Whisk the egg and paint over the sheet of pastry with a pastry brush. This helps the pastry to stick together when it is rolled into spirals and helps whatever fillings you use to stay in place.

cheese swirls egg on puff pastry

Sprinkle the grated cheddar cheese over the whole pastry area. Crumble the blue cheese over the whole pastry area. If you are a vegan you can use tofu or grated vegetables...any of your favourite foods and flavours.

cheese on puff pastry

Sprinkle the re-hydrated Sea Spaghetti evenly over the whole pastry area and cut the pastry into long thin strips about 2cm wide. You can use any seaweed of your choice at this stage but, unless it is milled or flaked, we recommend re-hydrating it so that it is not too hard when baked.

sprinkle sea spaghetti over pastry and cheese

Roll the strips up into spirals. We cut the strips off of the shortest side of the pastry rectangle and ended up with small spirals. If you want the cheese swirls to be bigger, cut the strips off of the long side of the pastry rectangle. Lay the spirals flat on to a greased baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutess in a medium oven until golden brown.

baked seaweed cheese swirls

Download the Seaweed Cheese Swirls recipe card HERE.

Seaweed Swirls recipe card




Jenny Suddaby
Jenny Suddaby


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