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Gutgrass, aubergine and mushroom risotto


We are starting to populate #UseSeaweed across social media channels to show people how easy it is to get seaweed into their every-day lives. Our aim is to share knowledge and inspire through our collective history and creativity. 


Flapjack with dillisk


Through #UseSeaweed on social media you can access a collection of multimedia content on how to actually use either raw seaweed or seaweed products. We will post videos, podcasts, recipes and other ideas to help you start using seaweed.


Seaweed bath


We are encouraging people to make short video clips of how they use seaweed. Gardening, skincare and ordinary cooking experiences are all helpful information to pass on to others. The videos can be really short clips shot on your phone. We are just trying to get ordinary people inspired by ordinary people to help to normalise the experience of using seaweed. You don’t have to be a TV chef to be a great cook and you can just add a little seaweed to favourite, family-tested recipes. You may not even notice it is there but you will benefit from the added nutrients. In our first little home-made video clip we have made a flapjack with Dulse in it.


Seaweed flapjack with Dillisk


Through pooling our collective knowledge as a nation we are aiming to identify our historical relationship with seaweed as well as showcasing the innovative creativity of not only the Irish population but a global community who want to do the best for themselves and the planet at the same time.


Seaweed on pinterest


You can post photos or videos with #UseSeaweed to all the social media channels you normally use. You can join our #UseSeaweed Facebook group on the Wild Atlantic Seagarden Facebook page where we will build a community of people interested in sharing their experiences of how to start using seaweed products. You can send us your questions about how to use seaweed through the website and we will post them to social media and under the FAQ section on our website. If you need any help uploading or recording your content please mail us at or call us on 00353874609966. 


As people start to #UseSeaweed through a wide range of user-friendly and innovative products they will also become aware of the environmental issues involved. We need maximum public engagement in the long-term, sustainable development of this highly important resource.




Jenny Suddaby
Jenny Suddaby


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