Seaweed Beach Body

Seaweed Beach Body Collection

Get your body beach-ready with seaweed products this summer. We have created a little collection of products for you at a special offer price for summer 2017. They will make your skin glow with health and fill you with confidence as you get ready to set your body free. The super nourishing Dr Maher Eutopia Body Wash will cleanse and re-condition your skin. The Ri Na Mara Seaweed Bath Pack and the Mungo Murphy Sea Bags will help you exfoliate whether you bath or shower. The luxurious Green Angel Body Lotion will nourish your skin and leave it smelling delicious and feeling silky smooth. Let your body be the best it can be and enjoy every minute of summer.

Bought as the Seaweed Beach Body Collection €44.40 (RRP €55.50 - Save 20%)