About Us

Wild Atlantic Seagarden is a multivendor seaweed marketing project based in County Mayo. Our aim is to create jobs, careers and a thriving economy in Ireland by sustainably developing Irish seaweed through locally based industries.

We are running this marketing platform to support Irish seaweed businesses, raise awareness of the high quality seaweed available on the Irish coastline and stimulate global demand for Irish seaweed-based products. We want to get people using more seaweed products in their day-to-day lives so that consumer demand can drive the industry forward. It is really important that this is done in a way that safeguards seaweeds and the many ecological systems that they support, and the material and spiritual wellbeing of rural, coastal communities whose livelihoods are inextricably involved with the sea.

We also run education programmes in marine resource management to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and technologies that will be needed to allow them to deal with the challenges they will face. We understand that the will to address the issues we face as a global community will come from people having concerns for the futures of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The sooner we start knowing about and using seaweed, the better it will be for everyone.