The movement of water through ocean currents is influenced by things like the moon, prevailing winds, shape of the ocean floor and temperature of the water, which is influenced by climate change. As the ice caps melt and more fresh water enters the oceans, changes in weather patterns affect us all. A multi-disciplinary approach to these problems is being adopted by the most innovative thinkers on our planet, as the most intelligent approach is to accept that everything is connected. We have to solve these problems on a global scale as well doing what we can on a local scale to support the natural eco-systems which support our lives.


The long-term planning and joined up thinking necessary to meet the challenges of the future has to start today. The research and development necessary to address these issues is in its infancy and many more resources need to be put into preparing young people now for the consequences of policies that have brought us to this point in history.


Co-operation between institutes, industries, nations and communities is absolutely necessary to address these challenges. Redrose Developments works with local, national and international agencies to explore how seaweed can play a positive part in our future and strives to encourage co-operation between all groups to address these issues urgently. If you are interested in working now to secure stability in the future, please let us know through our contact form.

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