Irish Seaweed

Irish Seaweed



There are more than 500 different types of algae off of the Irish coast. As well as the more familiar ones that people may have heard of, there are still many that we know little about.


An enormous amount of work has been done at the National University of Galway and an extensive database called AlgaeBase is run by Professor Micheal Guiry who set up The Irish Seaweed Research Group in 1994. It has produced a very detailed and useful 'Macro-algae Fact Sheet' which is available to download from the ISRG home page. The research group has developed over time and is now 'an open affiliation of researchers interested in seaweeds'. The Irish Seaweed Consultancy has recently been established in Galway. It is an exciting development, and the first environmental consultancy specialising in Phycology (algae). 


We have created a collection of images on our Pinterest page to help people see pictures of algae in lots of different forms/stages of development. If you are out on the beach and see some seaweed that you would like to share with fellow enthusiasts to help them with their identification skills, or if you need some help with seaweed identification yourself, please mail a photo to us at, with the date and location if you can, and we will mail you back and post it for you on the correct Pinterest board. You can then re-pin it or share it as you wish. We will run a frequently asked questions section on the site so if you have any questions about seaweed please send them to us.

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