Our Aims


Wild Atlantic Seagarden is run by Redrose Developments in County Mayo. We aim to find solutions for the challenges we face as a global community by using innovative technologies to produce and process local environmental resources. We are working with local, national and international partners to develop technical and economic models that can support local maritime communities. Our aims are to create jobs, careers and a thriving economy in Ireland by sustainably developing locally based seaweed industries. 


We are taking a helicopter view of the global economic and environmental issues facing us. We are piloting educational programmes now to develop the skills and technologies that will be needed in the future to allow local communities to cope with changing conditions. Our education programmes focus on preparing young people now to deal with challenges in their futures.  We understand that the will to address the issues that face us will come from people having concerns for the futures of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 


We are running this marketing platform to support Irish producers and processors, raise global awareness of the high quality of Irish seaweed and stimulate innovative product development through understanding more about the consumer's relationship with seaweed. This will feed back into our education programmes. You can find out more about Redrose Developments at www.redrosedevelopments.net and email us at solutions.redrose@gmail.com