Connemara Seaweed Seasoning 50g

  • Connemara Seaweed Seasoning is a combination of Sweet Kelp, Dillisk and Kombu Kelp. The process used to make the seasoning is called Milling. The Seaweed is sourced locally from the Connemara coast. It is hand harvested, dried then milled with nothing added or taken away. it is 100% certified organic.

    Ingredients: Kombu Kelp, Sugar Kelp and Dillisk.

  • Seaweed Seasoning is a very versatile product which can be used in many different ways. It can be used as a table seasoning or incorporated into your cooking and baking. It can also be used to season Fish, Chicken or Meat before or after cooking.

    As it is a lower sodium option it can be used as an alternative to salt and all food preparations. Delicious in your bread, scones, muffins, brownies and biscuits, therefore making it suitable for use in both sweet and savoury foods. When used in soups, stews, chowder, stir fries or any everyday dish it enhances the flavour whilst delivering many health benefits.

    Because of its unique UMAMI flavour it is a perfect addition to smoked salmon, salad, shellfish or just on your regular sandwich. This product also available with added salt.

  • Connemara Organic Seaweed is run by Noel and Margaret Lee. Noel Lee was born and raised in Lettermullen, a beautiful windswept Island off the west coast of Ireland. They are now based in Rosaveel in County Galway. For generations, the Lee family have been hand harvesting seaweed off the Connemara coast. Having a positive impact on their community and their environment is at the core of all they do.

    They aim to provide you with sustainably harvested, local, edible seaweeds so that you can introduce these as an alternative food source that is healthy, nutritional, tasty, and good for the environment. They also have a range of body care products to enable you to use the highest quality seaweed products on your skin. It is important to acknowledge the importance of seaweeds for marine life, and we need to balance this with its use by humans. They therefore adopt an ecosystem approach, meaning that they promote conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way.

    Many of the seaweeds currently for sale have travelled thousands of kilometres to reach your local supermarket and food shop, often all the way from China. Small-scale, local produce is the key to a happier life and leads to a lower carbon footprint. By providing food from local waters, they hope to contribute to a low-carbon economy that takes care of its environment. They hope that seaweed becomes part of everyone’s diet and comes to be recognised as a superfood, both environmentally and nutritionally!

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