Seaweed and Nettle Plant Food 2.5ltr

  • 100% Irish, 100% natural, this formula provides an excellent food for plants and much more. It is safer for the environment and personally tried and tested on thousands of plants over years of growing experience by the vendor, Oliver O’Dwyer. There are over 75 mineral and trace elements in the formula, all in organic form and easily absorbed by your plants.

    This feed is ideal for extra-ordinary results on indoor and outdoor plants, fruit trees and vegetables, shrubs, lawns, cacti and succulents. It is a concentrated plant feed and must be diluted before use. It is locally produced following an ancient traditional recipe.

    Ingredients: plant no.1 - seaweed; plant no.2 - nettles; plant no.3 - secret; plant no.4 - secret; a lot of time; a lot of patience!

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  • Use: Shake well before use. Dilute 250ml (one quarter pint) of Seaweed and Nettle Liquid Feed in 10 litres of water and apply to plants as necessary. Splash the solution on the leaves and base of plants as this will help to deter pests.

    Benefits: This old Irish recipe has been embellished by Oliver over the years and he is finally ready to release it as a product. It has many nutrients in it which help to nourish plants and the soil they grow in, but the special production process Oliver has developed also triggers the life-force of the plant and gives phenomenal results. It is especially good to use on plants that we eat as Oliver believes that health begins from the ground up.

  • O’Dwyer Nurseries grow beautiful flowers and many other plants. Oliver O’Dwyer is a specialist in growing F1 Hybrid plants. He has been growing all types of indoor and outdoor plants most of his life. Many years ago he was given an old Irish recipe for a plant feed which he has been perfecting ever since through his own growing practice.

    Oliver has a strong ethical conscience and he uses the growing of plants to help people with mental health issues. His aim is to build on this work and continue to address mental health issues by helping people to connect with the environment through the growing of plants.

    In the search for excellence for his own plants, Oliver has developed this highly active liquid feed. He is the sole manufacturer of this special plant feed formula.

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