Lawn Tonic with Moss Control 2.5ltr

  • Sea Nymph’s Lawn Tonic with Moss Control is formulated as a balanced lawn feed to condition soil, promotes strong healthy growth of grass and control moss growth. It provides extensive trace elements which greens up lawn so that the moss cannot compete. Sea Nymph is Ireland’s leading supplier of quality seaweed extracts for natural plant and soil care. Three generations of the family have hand harvested Ascophyllum nodosum to ensure excellent re-growth and minimal disruption to the delicately balanced habitat in which it grows.

    Sea Nymph’s seaweed is totally organic and up to 50% of its composition is humus-forming material which helps to condition the soil. Seaweed is rich in natural nutrients and over 58 trace elements which provide a balanced feed. It promotes vigorous growth with better flowering. The base extract is mixed with additional NPK and complexed minerals to tailor the range to specific needs throughout the year. Complexing of the minerals helps ensure they work for longer when applied, as the complexing acts as a slow releasing agent, giving longer performance to the minerals. Ideal for flowers, shrubs, roses, bedding plants and hanging baskets, this is a concentrated liquid and must be diluted @ 50ml to 2 gallons of water before applying to plants.

    Ingredients: Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) plus nutrients (12-1-8 + 2% Fe)

  • Use: If in storage for a long time, shake before use. Dilute 50 ml of Sea Nymph feed in 9 litres (2 gallons) of water. Apply to an area of 5 square metres every 5-6 weeks in the main growing period, March – September. Apply every 7-8 weeks during autumn and winter to improve the health of your lawn throughout the year.

    Benefits: This formula enhances plant health, provides extensive trace elements, conditions soil and stimulates plant growth. Regular use of seaweed increases resistance to disease and stress. Seaweed stimulates the soil bacteria which convert nitrogen into nitrates and releases phosphates fixed in the soil. In heavy soil, alginates in seaweed improve the structure of the soil. Seaweed provides cytokinins and auxins, which encourage cell division and aid in the transport of nutrients. Seaweed also stimulates soil bacteria to convert organic material into nutrients.

  • The Casburn family have a long history of being involved in the Seaweed Industry. In 1948 a chemist called Ernest Casburn pioneered the Irish industry and, in 1954, established a very successful business in Galway under the trade name of ‘Seaweed Ltd.’ His sons are carrying on the business now. Philip first got involved in 1970 and in in January 2000 Philip and David set up Sea Nymph (Galway Bay Marine) Ltd.

    Seaweeds have a long tradition of use as a plant nutrient and the level of use has grown steadily over the past 50 years. Sea Nymph has done considerable research over the past ten years and has developed its range of seaweed products to match the needs of consumers. They now offer their customers over 20 different Liquid Formulations, 4 different grades of Granular Seaweed Meals, Wetting Agents, Spray Indicator Dyes, Non Seaweed Foliar Feeds and a new Marine Organic Compost designed as a Nematode and Fungal Suppressant. The Casburns have an excellent back-up team of Chemists, Product Development and Marketing experts and are constantly on hand to support and develop new products.

    Sea Nymph Products are currently being used throughout Ireland, Germany and some parts of the UK. Their products are suitable for Golf Courses, Football Pitches, Race Tracks, Tennis Courts, Organic Farms and, of course, your very own garden. The K Club in County Kildare used their "SEAGRASS" Liquid Seaweed Feed on the greens of the competition course in the run up and immediately preceding the Ryder Cup 2006. All Sea Nymph formulae can be packaged in 20, 200 or 1000ltr containers with recyclable packaging for bulk orders.

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