Seaweed Soap on Rope Shower Bar 170g

  • The rope on this soap helps you use it in the shower. Our skin care products are made with natural, pure ingredients with the aim of maintaining and improving general skin and hair condition. They are naturally moisturising as well as being a pleasure to use. Traditionally made using the cold process method our products soothe, pamper and restore skin to prime condition naturally.

    We start by blending different vegetable oils, waxes and butters. Each have slightly different healing, soothing and health maintaining qualities. Then we produce our lye using spring water. We combine the oils with the lye which starts the chemical soap making process. We then add a blend of essential oils to give the product its botanical identity. The cure time for the soaps is in the region of a month. One of the lovely features of the seaweed soaps is the way the colour leaches from the raw material into the soap bar during the curing process.

    Zesty seaweed (Dillisk) harvested from the beaches of Achill adds an unmistakeable surfy fragrance and a restorative essence to this wholly natural product. Together with the Cedarwood essential oil we have married the strong floral Geranium with the fresh citrusy vibrance of Lemongrass and the sweet balsamic Bergamot. The effect is as healing and invigorating as a brisk walk on the Strand.

    Ingredients: Pure, organic, sustainable and hypoallergenic, our Soaps are made using pure Achill Island Spring Water and organic and fair trade vegetable and essential oils. As much as possible we use ingredients from where we live; the water is from a spring at the most westerly point of the island and the duileasc (dillisk) is from local beaches.

  • Use: When using the soap on hair, wet the hair and use the soap to form a lather with the hands. Apply the lather to the hair, work through and rinse. Natural vegetable glycerine is made in the saponification process. This gives the soap its naturally moisturising quality so there should be no need to use an additional hair conditioner.

    Benefits:The salty ‘ozone’ essence of the material is refreshingly evident and the natural inclusion of numerous trace elements and minerals are wonderfully beneficial to skin and hair. Used regularly, either as hand soaps or for hair and body, this soap provides an easy body-care system with benefits that can be felt and seen in the general condition of both skin and hair.

  • Achill Pure is run by Stuart Foster. His career has wandered through agriculture, construction and manufacturing. When he retired he moved with his wife to their house in Mayo, busying himself with renovations to the house and developing some of the surrounding bog into a garden.

    Shortly after moving, the latest grandchild was born with a very sensitive skin. Stuart was very concerned and set out to help the poor little fellow. He researched the problem and anything that might possibly bring relief. He concluded that a washing soap was a good place to start. After much research, blending, tweaking, waiting and sometimes failing, he produced something his daughter was prepared to use on her little boy who was, by then, about 12 months old. Thankfully it relieved the irritation, and six years on he still relies on it.

    From that first success, Stuart just had to go further and became really passionate about the whole skincare business. He was an early member of the Mayo craftworks group and, through this, became involved in craft markets and fairs. This brought the opportunity to expand the product range to include many more locally associated varieties of product, including seaweed, heather and turf!


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