Carrageen 40g

  • Carrageen has a long history of traditional use because of its anti-viral properties. It is soothing for coughs and colds. It can also be used as a natural gelatin setting agent in cooking.

    Ingredients: Dried Carrageen.

  • Use: Place some Carrageen in a pan. Cover with boiling water and simmer for a few minutes. When you can see that jel has been released from the seaweed, drain the jelly liquid from the whole leaf with a fine sieve or colander. You can use the jelly as a thickening agent in any dish.

    Benefits: Carrageen has anti-viral properties and traditionally the gel was taken as a remedy for coughs and colds.

  • Vendor Profile: Wild Atlantic Way Products was set up by Zita Dennehey. She is located at, inspired by, and dearly loves the rugged coastline and pristine waters of the Wild Atlantic Way of West Cork, Ireland. This is where her huge enthusiasm for the benefits and the wonders of seaweed was born.

    After years of trying experimental recipes with all things seaweed, she loves the taste and ease of introducing seaweed, a little and often, into her diet. Developing seaweed products was an obvious progression for her. Her seaweed teas, seaweed seasoning and dried whole seaweeds are all things she uses in her own kitchen.

    Her seaweed food products are all sustainably hand harvested. They give the magic of natural MSG through their mouth-watering, umami taste which takes on and enhances any flavours you are already using in your cooking.

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