How to Repel Bees: Simple and Easy Solutions

Whether it’s in your garden or when you’re on a picnic, bee swarms are never a welcome surprise. Luckily, repelling bees is a lot easier than what you might think. Like many other insects, bees are repelled and attracted to certain smells and sights, which you can use to your advantage. If you’ve been wondering about how to repel bees, here are some simple and easy solutions.

Avoid Bright Colors and Patterns

Bees are always looking for pretty and colorful flowers, which means they might mistake floral dresses or bright shirts for flowers. By avoiding bright and warm colors, such as red and orange, when planning your outfit, you can effectively repel bees. As a general rule of thumb, the warmer and brighter the color, the more attractive it will seem to bees. The worst thing you can wear is floral patterns, as bees may literally mistake the pattern for an actual flower. Simple changes to your outfit can make a massive difference to whether or not bees choose to pursue you.

Avoid Sweet and Powerful Scents

Other than vision, bees also rely on sweet scents to guide them towards flowers for feeding. The scents of perfume, as well as sweets and candy, often attract bees. The insects cannot tell the difference between a sweet smelling perfume and a blossoming flower. In fact, some perfumes are made to smell exactly like certain flowers, which makes it even more understandable that bees find the scent attractive. Altering perfumes when visiting areas known for bee swarms is a great repelling tactic. Also, avoiding eating and drinking sweet foods and beverages is yet another effective form of repelling bees.

Repel Using Cloves and Marigolds

Instead of removing things that attract bees, you could also use items that actively repel bees. In the same way the bees find sweet smells attractive, they also find the smells of certain flowers such as cloves immensely unattractive. Considering bees do not feed off of all types of flowers, it makes sense that they have natural programming that prevents them from going towards plants they can’t consume. Cloves and marigolds are an example of a few types of flowers that bees actively avoid. Sprinkling some marigolds and cloves around your home or garden is a very effective way to avoid bees from coming.

Repel Using Vinegar Sprays

In addition to certain plants like marigold, sour liquids like vinegar also repel bees. In fact, vinegar sprays often kill bees rather than repel them. If you’ve been wondering about how to repel bees, as well as how to kill them, using vinegar sprays is your answer.

Vinegar sprays are simple to make, as almost every household has some vinegar available to use. All that you need is a spray bottle, water, and vinegar. You don’t have to worry about concentration, as even small amounts of vinegar will still repel and kill bees. Simply carry the spray around at home our outside and use it wherever you spot these insects for quick and easy repelling.